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Disorder The Target Of Both Stalkers And Killers, A Top Fashion Model With A Rare Disease Sets Out To Learn How Her Pioneering Scientist Father Died, Only To Find Herself In The Middle Of A Vicious Conspiracy.Cat Is A Hot Multimillionaire Supermodel But Her Life Is Far From Perfect She Suffers From A Chronic Brain Disorder And She Is Being Stalked By A Figure In A Raincoat Who Is He Or It In Connection With The Bizarre Death Of The Founder Of A Groundbreaking Biotechnology Institute, Cat Is Pulled Into A Sinister Corporate Plot With A Global Backwash.

Dr Johan Fundin is an author of thrillers and suspense novels populated by complex characters His books cover the genres of psychological, occult, spiritual and medical thrillers, science fiction and paranormal horror He has a Ph.D in physical chemistry from Uppsala University in Sweden and a background as a scientist at several laboratories and high tech research facilities across Europe Als

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    Just couldn t get into it This is a very busy book Not one to give up on a book, I kept reading it just to see where it went I admit that there were some areas that were confusing to me and I skipped over them I thought it was in poor taste that it was constantly brought up how gorgeous the model Cat was I mean it was all ...

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    This book is not my typical read I really loved the thriller mystery part of the book Then it turned into a kind of sci fi thriller Normally I don t think I would read a sci fi book, but the writing and storytelling was really good I really wanted to kno...

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    I m sorry to say when I Started reading this book I thought it might be quite interesting Got into the storyline I felt that it was choppy and the main character was quite stupid I felt it was totally unbelievable actual picture of rambled on I m sorry I did not care for it

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    Didn t connect with this book at all I gave it a good try, it just didn t work for me.

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