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Nothing But ThisA Married Couple Yearns To Rediscover Lost Love In This Novel About Forgiveness, Reconciliation, And Emotional Growth It S Always Been Complicated Between Libby Lawson And Greyson Chapman And Married Life Isn T Any Simpler But When Libby Gets Pregnant, She At Last Sees A Bright Future Ahead There S Just One Problem Greyson Says He S Sterile.Furious, Greyson Abandons The Young Family Equally Furious And Deeply Hurt, Libby Cuts All Ties With Him After All These Years, It Seems Their Relationship Has Finally Expired But Love Is Resilient And Endures Even When You Don T Want It To Greyson Still Longs For Libby, And Though Libby S Heartbroken By Greyson S Lack Of Trust, She Holds Out Hope For A Complete, Happy Family.And So They Embark On The Journey Back To Each Other, Wary Of All The Obstacles Between Them It S Been A Long Road Already One Strewed With Fear, Doubt, And Misunderstandings Will They Keep Looking To The Past, Or Will They Look To Each Other And Walk Hand In Hand Toward A Broad New Horizon

Since making her publishing debut in 2012, Natasha Anders has drawn praise and attention as a unique voice in romance Montlake author and 2018 RITA Finalist, Anders was born in Cape Town, South Africa She spent nine years as an associate English teacher in Niigata, Japan, where she became a legendary karaoke diva Anders currently lives in Cape Town.

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    3.75 StarsI have been looking forward to this book ever since I read book one in this series and we were introduced to the deliciousness of Libby and Greyson s hot mess of a marriage.Everyone has tropes they love Some than others And while I must say that I have a ton of tropes elements I crumble for, here are a few that seriously crank my tractor second chance marriage in trouble angstAnd Natasha Anders brought all of that to this story in spades But you know what else you can always count on my homie Anders ALWAYS bringing to the table GROVELING And there is nothing on this earth I love than groveling For serious And Greyson s was delicious Now, this book as many of Anders books are is based on a Big Miscommunication plot I will be the first to admit that I usually HATE this plot device and avoid it like the plague For some reason, however, I love it in Anders books and keep coming back for In fact, this is my 9th Anders book Because as I said earlier Angst GROVELING I also really enjoyed reading of the backstory on Greyson and Libby s relationship and also the dynamic between Greyson and Harris and Harris and Libby But what I think I enjoyed than anything was seeing Greyson move to Riversend and make some bromances I could have done with some flashbacks which I can t believe I am saying, cause I usually hate flashbacks...

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    THIS was seriously everything a second chance romance should be In this second standalone romance of her new series, Natasha Anders serves up an absolutely heartbreaking storyline of characters suffering through the most legitimately gut wrenching deterioration of their marriage What an exquisitely tortuous reading experience this was, what a beautiful second chance romance unfolded I eat every Natasha Anders novel hungrily but Nothing But This was especially delicious I have never been so on board with a heroine denying a reconciliation It s really hard to wrap your head around what Greyson has said and done in this story and I thought Olivia s actions, her decisions in response to his behavior were PERFECTION All of their push and pull, the slow burning evolution of their second chance, the grovel that was about actions than words, the sexual tension, the heartache, the absolute despair it all made for such an emotional storyline that I absolutely loved I love stories that hurt but that I can buy into, that I find believable and authentic and Natasha Anders nailed it with Nothing But This As much as Greyson deserved to really grovel and needed to repent, I can t eve...

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    4 STARS I ve been trying to find the right words The proper combination of sounds that would make you forgive me, that would make up for what I said and did But those words don t exist Ever since Natasha Anders introduced Grey and Libby in More Than Anything, I ve been completely enad and invested in their story If there s one thing that I love than a hero that royally screws up with his woman, it s watching him grovel to get back into her good graces again And this book It s one long, delicious, and emotional grovel Now I love a good alphahole as much as the next girl, but this book didn t focus on that You get plenty of Grey s generally cold disposition in the first book Enough of it to know that when the man makes a mistake, it s the biggest mistake of his life This book focuses on him dealing with the repercussions of that mistake and trying to grovel his way back and somehow make amends You get flashbacks of what transpired to bring Grey and Libby to the point where they are now I loved that Libby really grew into herself in this book She goes from a besotted girl to a woman that s not afraid to make him work for it She s not willing to forgive and forget, nor should she I mean, the man thought their child was the result of an affair.The flow is really organic and the pacing is superb It highlights every bump along their road and twists and turns your heart right along with them Their journey is painful and emotional and totally enrapturing...

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    Will only read this book if the hero has been celibate

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    Interesting that this is a 5 Star read already and it hasn t even been released in any way Why would I trust the fake rating on this story, and it is FAKE if no one has actually read the book.

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    5 Always and forever Stars Review to follow.

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    I can t wait for this Just finished the ARC for More than Anything, the hero s brother s book It featured Greyson and Libby prominently I so desperately want to read their story

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    3.5 stars

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