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Where the Story Starts A Strange Encounter An Unlikely Friendship But Will It Survive When They Both Know The Truth As Single Mother Leah Struggles To Get Her Children Ready One Morning, The Doorbell Rings Standing On The Doorstep Of Their Terraced House In Whitley Bay Is A Well Dressed Stranger, Clio, Who Feels An Emotional Tie To The House That She Can T Explain The Story Should End There, But A Long Buried Secret Is Already On Its Way To The Surface In Some Ways The Two Women Couldn T Be Different Leah S A Mother Of Two And The Daughter Of A Barmaid Clio S A Perennially Single Heiress To Her Baroness Mother S Estate But Where Leah Lacks Grown Up Company, Clio Lacks Any Experience Of The Real World, And The Unlikely Friendship Sparked By Their Curious First Meeting Offers Both Of Them A Welcome Respite From The Routine Of Their Lives.It Is A Friendship That Will Answer Questions Neither Of Them Knew To Ask, Uncovering Secret Stories From The Past That Have Stayed Hidden For Decades But Will It Also Be The Catalyst For Them To Finally Feel That They Belong

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    With thanks to Netgalley and for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.I mostly read thrillers but I also enjoy women s fiction This is the first book I have read written by Imogen Clark If you enjoy Amanda Prowse, I highly recommend this book Based on Where The Story Starts I think I have discovered a great new author I was drawn into this book from the first page The plot was intriguing even though it was obvious early on how Charles and Ray were connected.The book was told from the POV of Leah, Clio, Grace and Melissa It was a nice touch to make Leah and Clio so similar but come from different classes I liked all four women but I especially liked Leah and Grace I liked Grace and I could understand why she kept Charles s secret However if the story came to light in 2019 about the aristocracy it would probably shock no one.Charles was an interesting baddie Charles was a commoner so i would of liked to have read about his background I don ...

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    Oh I just love anything Imogen Clark puts down on paper I was lucky enough to receive a NetGalley ARC in exchange for an honest review.The characters in this book felt like friends right from the start I was drawn in and wanted to follow their stories as their lives and connections began to reveal themselves I rooted for happy endings for them all The complexity of choices that were made throughout will make you wonder ...

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    Frankly speaking, I should not have liked the book as much as I did I understood the storyline from the beginning, knew the events before they happened and generally not a fan of the topic being handled Despite all of the above conditions, I liked the book, enough to give it four stars I do not know what to credit for this strange occurrence, but it might have been the four women of the tale There are strong women, but four of them are our main focus Two women in the past and two in the present cross paths with intent on one side and no ulterior motives on the other There are men in the story as well, but only a handful are worth talking about in terms of inherent goodness or even the proper behaviour, the others are what form the bones of the story I do not want to say anything further regarding them, but if you are even remotely like me you will know what you are heading into few chapters in The author has written well and drawn vivid enough characters to ...

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    Loved this book the characters, story and writing style I loved the previous books by the author, but this is my new favorite I just love the way Imogen Clark tells a story I get caught up and feel like I m a part of it Clio, Leah and Grace were my favorite characters They were all amazing in their own way Charles was simply a terrible All he thought about was himself Did he even love his wife He honestly thought he got away with everything and was great at keeping secrets lying I m not sure how he was able to keep up his charade for so long Leah ended up being alone because both of her parents were only thinking about their own feelings I can t believe how her father never contacetd her Leah struggled but she ended up being able to take care of herself and two children I loved the friendship she created with Clio They were exactly what each other needed I enjoyed how the book alternated between characters and the past and present Loved the ending Defin...

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    Leah and Clio meet outside Leah s front door And they are so far apart in society but end up becoming the best of friends, bringing out the best in each other and supporting the weak parts in each other.I clicked the story line quite fast, although I had a few doubts every now and then.The author has taken a rather predictable story line, added twists and turns and colourful characters that make it a most enjoyable read.No matte...

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    Absolutely fabulous read Loved the storyline and characters I loved the writing style here and the past present set up, you really get drawn in to each character and totally understand the reasonings behind their decisions etc Fab book

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    I won this Kindle version of the book in a giveaway on Goodreads I read it in one day which is indicative of the fact that I found the story and the characters to be very engaging and charming The story takes place in England The plot is a story of bigamy, and the ultimate effect it had upon the wives and fam...

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    It s strange to read a book about bigamy and find nearly all the characters likable Both Grace and Melissa were endearing and easy to see why Charles fell in love with both of them I thought perhaps Clio was going to be a ...

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    You can tell from a mile away everything that s going to happen in this book I usually can t stand predictability But the author wrote these characters so well you can t help wanting to be a part of their livesSo you keep reading and end up enjoying every minute of it At least I did.

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    A well written family drama That spans generations and has many deep dark secrets in it It is very well written With some sensitive subjects Great characters and a lyrical style to it That is very enjoyable to read.

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