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Little Fish Told Through Real Life Journals, Collages, Lists, And Drawings, This Coming Of Age Story Illustrates The Transformation Of An 18 Year Old Girl From A Small Town Teenager Into An Independent City Dwelling College StudentYALSA Outstanding Book For The College Bound 2014 Texas Library Association TLA Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award IPBA , Independent Voice Award Winner 2014 YALSA Quick Picks For Reluctant Young Adult Readers Nominee 2014 Cooperative Children S Book Center, CCBC Choices 2014 CBC Teen Choice Book Of The Year Award Nominee 2013 Foreword Reviews Book Of The Year Finalist 2013 Cybils Children S Young Adult Blogger Awards Graphics Nominee 2013

Ramsey Beyer grew up on a farm in Michigan before escaping to city life in Balti, MD, where she received a BFA in experimental animation She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA and keeps her hands busy with all sorts of projects, spending her time gardening, riding her bike all over Philly, taking Rover for long walks, and working on comics in coffee shops She has been making zines since 200

❆ Little Fish  kindle Epub ❤ Author Ramsey Beyer – Girlnailart.us
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Little Fish
  • Ramsey Beyer
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9781942186533

10 thoughts on “Little Fish

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    For the life of me, I can t figure out how Little Fish got published Not that Ramsey Beyer s graphic novel list compendium of her college experience is particularly offensive On the contrary, it s completely unoffensive, blandly chronicling none too original freshmen events that surely readers have seen covered elsewhere on the first two seasons of Felicity, for instance I have to assume, then, that the hook is in the format, a zine blog mix that strikes me as trying too hard to achieve far too little If I m supposed to appreciate this conceptually, shouldn t the design demonstrate the narrator s growth and development as an artist as she s exposed to new styles and ideas at school, gradually developing as she herself develops away from her initial timidity into something striking and original No Well, guess that form s not following function, then which makes me see it as of a gimmi...

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    I loved this book so much For me, it really captured the feeling of transitioning from high school to college, and I appreciated how open she was in including real pieces of her journal lists etc I hope there is a...

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    The only reason this isn t getting one star is because the artwork is decent The format s seemed a bit redundant The content well, it s always hard when you re reading a memoir I try to evaluate the book separately from my feelings about the author This proved difficult.Ramsey is probably a really nice girl But reading this memoir was like reading my di...

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    Different Beyer has brought together her collection of lists and old Livejournal entries, bridging the gaps with comic book pages, to tell the story of her first year in college Which is, to be honest, not terribly dramatic But she does a good job of capturing the anxiety that a small town kid would feel when moving to a big city far from home The many, many lists, some of which aren t terribly relevant to the story, could...

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    Little Fish is told in a series of lists and comics In the spirit of the book, I decided to share my thoughts in a list a memoir told in lists which I liked because I like lists, made for a quick read enjoyed the graphics made reading a visual experience expresses the anticipation and expectation of going away to college which anyone getting to go to college or anyone who has been to college can relate to shares the excitement and anxiety of making new friends in a new place small town girl with big city dreams wants to know about the world outside of her comfort zone made me think what my college experience would have been like if I had gone to a college halfway across the country reminded me of my own experiences of getting out on my own and making new friends beyond my best friends from high school great for fans of creative storytelling readers may be inspired to chronicle their college experience in a similar way makes me want to read...

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    Ramsey was a small town girl when she decided to move to the city to go to art school She was relatively sheltered and naive, her family culture was midwestern, liberal and educated, and she naturally gravitated to an arts career and the punk subculture This is the story of her first year at art school in Balti.The book recounts the summer of 2003 through the summer of 2004, and includes short sequential art anecdotes, lists of things things that scare me, top 10 worst sounds, things I ve done to prepare for college, etc , and some helpful reference sections, such as annotated illustrations of her apartment, cast of character sections, and Some collections like this feel pretty scattered, but Beyer brings these disparate pieces together quite smoothly So, even though the comic portions have a quite simple illustration style I m tempted to call them child like , and the lists are typewriter written scraps of paper copied overlaying random objects string, pens, etc , and the blog excerpts are printed in a rather cheesy font on an illustrated notebook, it all hangs ...

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    Beyer, R 2013 Little fish A memoir from a different kind of year San Francisco, CA Zest Books 273 pp Unpaginated ISBN 978 1 936976 18 8 Hardcover 15.99.Paw Paw, Michigan does not find its way into teen literature I say this with conviction Many readers may suspect that Paw Paw is a made up name I ve been there Eaten at a very fine restaurant there Consequently, finding Little Fish and discovering that Ramsey hails from Paw Paw attracted my attention What has me reviewing the book is its pitch perfect depiction of the small town fears of teens graduating from high school and heading off to college in a big city My own daughter suffered from the paralyzing fears and insecurities of heading to New York from a small town very much like Paw Paw and only 20 miles away Did my small town prepare me well enough to be taken seriously in a big city Can a young woman from Paw Paw, Michigan be expected to recognize good art Paw Paw is very different from Balti in just about every manner possible Beyer, however, does not treat Paw Paw disrespectfully Ramsey waxes poetically about the people, animals, and things in Michigan that she loves and misses, while appreciating the expanded cultural opportunities that Balti offers Along the way, Ramsey meets a loud, opinionated boy with very different m...

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    This is a nice exploration of a small town girl s first year in a big, diverse arts college, and I think many students will relate to her mixed feelings of homesickness longing for adventure and freedom However, the narrative is very bogged down by bland, repetitive lists and extremely vague details with little to no specific, vivid imagery or experience It s like the author selectively included only the most boring...

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    So cute and good Made me a bit nostalgic for when I was also 18 and leaving home for the first time Super well done and would make a great gift for a teen

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    There were two things about Ramsey Beyer s memoir, Little Fish A Memoir From a Different Kind of Year, that immediately convinced me I needed to read it 1 Ramsey is from the small town of Paw, Paw, Michigan, which is very close to where I attended university. I left my small northern, Michigan town to move to Kalamazoo, which is much bigger than where I grew up, and I, like Ramsey, felt like a little fish in a new, big pond.2 Little Fish is a memoir told in various formats, including illustrations, lists, and blog entries As a blogger who writes lists constantly and has a deep appreciation for contemporary graphic novels, I couldn t imagine Beyer creating something any better suited to my tastes Little Fish follows Beyer as she leaves Michigan, and her comfortable life and close knit circle of friends, to attend art school in Balti In many ways, Beyer could represent any recent graduate who moves away to attend university after high school, but I felt a special connection with her, as a small town girl and a fellow Michigander Though Beyer moved much further away than I did for university all the way to the East Coast , I went through a very similar experience following ...

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