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The Tragic Fate of Moritz Toth A Chain Of Unlikely Events Puts A Violin Back In The Hands Of Ex Punk Rocker And Down At Out Mortiz Toth Tobias Keller A Moral Issues Advisor And Assistant To The Great Overseer Is Under Investigation For His Role In The Affair To Escape His Certain Fate, He Will Need To Make A Compelling Case For The Moral Necessity Of Interfering In Moritz S Life Full Of Riddles And The Kafkaesque, Todorovic S Debut Novel Is A Charming And Original Tale Of Divine Bureaucracy And The Restorative Power Of Puccini Part Of The Peter Owen World Series Serbia, In Association With Istros Books.

Dana Todorovi was born in Belgrade in 1977 to an American mother and Yugoslav father Aspiring to continue her family s long standing acting tradition, she studied drama in New York and Indianapolis and obtained a B.A in Drama Studies in London Following her studies, she spent six years working as a translator for the UN and continued to nurture her acting ambitions by taking on occasional role

[Read] ➯ The Tragic Fate of Moritz Toth  Author Dana Todorovic – Girlnailart.us
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Tragic Fate of Moritz Toth
  • Dana Todorovic
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780720619836

10 thoughts on “The Tragic Fate of Moritz Toth

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    3.5 stars Unusual and entertaining double narrative that takes on some large philosophical themes The language is, unfortunately, a little heavy on cliched metaphors, but this is a first novel Review to come Find my full review here

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.I was attracted to this book in part because I ve lived in both Serbia the author is Serbian and Hungary where the story takes place , and simply because the main character is my namesake Moritz Morris None of that was important to following the story.There s a certain Eastern European authorial tradition that feels that opacity, when mixed with a touch of drama, produces Literature In part, that may be because in so many countries, writers were compelled to use allegory and implication to avoid the censors Unfortunately, some of today s writers have kept the top layer of obfuscated allegory, but forgotten to include the deeper layers of meaning The result is both portentous and confusing, like a word search puzzle where they ve forgotten to put in the words Even celebrated writers seem sometimes to have forgotten to tell an interesting story.To be fair, Todorovic s book is not quite in that category it has neither the cynicism of Srjdan Valjarevic, nor the heavy handedness of Gyula Krudy It does...

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    Although I know I can t do justice to explaining this book, other than what would be on the flyleaf or the back of the paperback A former punk rocker, Moritiz Toth is given a job as a prompter for at the opera house in Budapest, Hungary, when hearing the music of Puc...

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    Following in the tradition of Kafka and Camus, this debut novel is the mindscape of an obsessive character feeling his way through the mire But, like Kafka and Camus, the character reveals just as much as the author as about the human condition For example, the feeling that you re being watched by two opposing forces, the one a tragically broken man and the other something like a guardian angel, could be a commentary on our common paranoia about our privacy being threatened and our every move tallied up, judged, or leading to an inevitable death This is a timely theme considering the current state of affairs in America and elsewhere where common folk are under the scrutiny of an ever present eye However, Todorovic s watchers are personal and sympathic, revealing that the author has a secret hope that all who watch are not enemies She never criticises her characters for their behaviour, but rather let s them stumble through until they ve found their own path, leaving it up to the reader to judge the very real emotions of Moritz The author writes Moritz struggle between his own sensitive nature and an untrustworthy world with tempered elegance, careful to not pull the string of the bow back too far, thus avoiding a rambling diatribe on obsessiveness, but instead writing a sharp love letter to every high energy thinker.I doubt Todorovic intended to make a swepting statement about humanity s wasted energy on self importance and fear Or maybe she did...

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    Not unique in contemporary Serbian fiction, the unremarkable main character, Moritz Toth, believes himself to be at the centre of a conspiracy that is escalating to the point that his life is in imminent danger In actual fact, Moritz s entire life path is being observed by Tobias Keller, an advisor to the great overseer In his story, he finds himself in front of a disciplinary hearing for directly or indirectly, in a way influencing in Moritz s life path, something that is only permissible with prior authorisation The book works in that it is suspenseful and creates the necessary paranoia in Moritz s story and equally frustrating in the bureaucratic nature of Tobias proceedings Frustratingly, the accumulation of both stories lacks the necessary payoff, as the true identify of Ezekiel comes up short and Tobias intervention, that which supposedly drives forward all the events of the book, does not have com...

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    There are two distinct but related threads to this book, one fantastical and one grounded in the real world Unfortunately, I found the fantastical story of the celestial bureaucrat Tobias believable and grounded than the title character s travails in Hungary The cosmetic use of Moritz s move to and from ...

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    Dana Todorovic Orvel.

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    An intelligent and entertaining novel which follows some very interesting characters through a perfectly interwoven dual plot It is fascinating the way the two plots are hinged to one another in the events of a single moment The phenomenon of causality is a prominent theme throughout, and is expertly explored in a variety of entertaining ways most notably in the mechanical manner of the sci fi reminiscent organization known as the Causal Authority, and most often in the personal manner of the characters tendency to at any time engage in self reflection regarding their own intentions These characters are highly intelligent, as...

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    I am writing this review as I was awarded the book through GoodReads FirstReads I am posting the review here and on LibraryThing A quirky piece of work Its reminiscent of Kafka and Camus Its a bit unpolished, and going from an I perspective to a narrative of Tobias every other chapter is a bit jarring, and I m not particularly fond of it I always have the view of if you use I chapters anywhere in a novel the entire novel ...

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    Read for CCLap review to come.

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