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Evergreen Woman (Evergreen Series Book 2) Francis Clegg Shortened To Fran, Had Willingly Given Up A Life Of Success And Riches To Marry A Lakeland Farmer She Had Moved Out Of London To Life On A Hill Farm As A Farmer S Wife Fran Was Rich, Very Rich, But Had To Hide Her Wealth From Her Husband Because Of His Old Fashioned Idea That He Should Support Her There Were Many Incidents That Affected Her Life As Time Went By She Could No Longer Hide From Her Husband Her Wealth And Desire To Develop An Enterprise Of Her Own The Company Which She Had Left As CEO, Tried To Woo Her Back To Manage A New Project In The Lakes, Tempting Her Back Into Their Organisation Against Her Husband Wishes.The Book Is The Second In The Evergreen Series The First Evergreen Girl Details The Early Life Of Fran And Her Rise To Success Evergreen Woman Charts Her Later Life And Her Struggles In A Rural Setting.

I m Sybil Powell, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, traveler and now an author of books which reflect many of those life experiences.I spent most of my childhood in a seaside resort town on the south coast of my native England Eastbourne was a wonderful place to grow up, but sheltered just enough to make me want to go out and spread my wings and see what the rest of the world had to offer That

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