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ShiftPrima Di Wool In Un Futuro A Meno Di Cinquant Anni Da Noi, Il Mondo Ancora Come Lo Conosciamo Il Tempo Continua A Scivolare Tranquillo Ma La Verit Che Sta Scivolando Via In Pochi Sanno Quello Che Ci Aspetta Sono Uomini Di Potere E Si Stanno Preparando In Segreto Per Qualcosa Di Terribile Ma Anche Se Forse Vogliono Solo Proteggerci, Ci Stanno Mettendo Su Un Cammino Da Cui Non Potremo Mai Pi Tornare Indietro Un Percorso Che Condurr Alla Distruzione, Che Ci Porter Sotto Terra La Storia Del Silo Sta Per Essere Scritta, Il Nostro Futuro Sta Per Iniziare.

I m the author of WOOL, a top 5 science fiction book on I also wrote the Molly Fyde saga, a tale of a teenager from the 25th century who is repeatedly told that girls can t do certain things and then does them anyway.A theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process Most of them are classified

[Reading] ➸ Shift By Hugh Howey – Girlnailart.us
  • Hardcover
  • 622 pages
  • Shift
  • Hugh Howey
  • Italian
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9788845199608

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    Buddy Read with Rachel BAVR Have you ever been happily reading a good book You re about to find out what happens to the protagonist Your heart is pounding with anticipation When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the book dumps you into a ridiculously long ass flashback Everything comes to a complete and utter stop It s like being trapped in a meandering shaggy dog story And of course you ve got to read the damn flashback, because if you don t you may not completely grasp the full ramifications of the ending Well, Shift is a 600 page, doorstopper flashback To be honest, I sort of hated the book even before I began I wanted to go forwards, not backwards But I tried to stay optimistic After all, I loved Wool I loved the nostalgia Wool generated in me for classic SciFi I loved the suspense The characters were cool I was ready to take the plunge.Unfortunately, Shift is a long and tedious read First off, there s little suspense After all, it s a prequel, so of course I knew basically what was going to happen Howey also had the audacity to drag it out He kept describing the same things over and over again I started counting how many times he mentions a toma...

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    Hugh Howey is a great idea man and the post apocalyptic world of the Silos is a wonderful little playground with the potential for great stories Unfortunately Howey s skills at character building leave much to be desired and ultimately drags down the entire series.Here s some of the ways Howey fails at writing characters he never tells us what anybody looks like Every character sounds the same and has no identifying tics or habits The relationship of just about every character to every other character is told to us instead of shown For example, we know Donald loves Helen because we re told he loves Helen, not because he acts any special way towards her beyond calling her Sweety or Honey Mick is his best friend because were told he s his best friend Mick slaps him on the back a lot so I guess that proves it Anna wants Donald to herself because we re toldand so on.As the main character Donald is as bland as they come, showing no particular intelligence or personality to distinguish himself from the other cast members, who themselves have no distinctive personalities Because of this I had a very hard time either identifying or sympathizing with anybody beyond their incredibly horrific circumstances the one exception being Solo but only because he REALLY got the shaft, so to speak.La...

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    Shift, as the impressive science fiction follow up to Wool, proves that Hugh Howey can write and write well This is a prequel, but is, in my opinion, better read after Wool in order to not destroy the unique aspects of reading Hugh Howey s first work I would say that together Shift and Wool appear as better versions of The Maze Runner series Not only are they far mature in their approach to their particular topics but they possess and infinite amount plausibility and depth The way in which Shift sets out the background to Wool, explaining how humanity could end up in silos is brilliant It particularly works as an exploration of politics, weaponry, humanity s quest for self annihilation, versus the drive to survive This stands alongside that sense of the contrast between the inner darkness versus the inner greatness of humanity However, the one reason this receives a four star rating is that the characters lacked in comparison to the previous novel and were not as appealing to myself as a reader For once I m lost for words as to how to properly review all the aspects of this novel Perhaps fatigue has destroyed me over this week That said, I will recommend all serious readers give this book a go after they ve tried Wool I will be seriously...

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    I really wanted to like this book, I really did But unfortunately, the writer falls into the same traps he did in Wool Like Wool, this book tells a fantastic story for the first 2 3 in this case, I really did love the way the conspiracy built piece by piece before your eyes, and I enjoyed slowly putting it together with a lot of OMG moments If the book had ended after just that, it would have been a 5 star review However, in this novel Howey seems not to be able to restrain himself from going overboard with big reveals and too clever tricks It seems like he s always waiting around the corner with a BUT WAIT THERE S MORE moment, and after a while I just developed reveal fatigue I guess.It doesn t help that the Howey reveals, the less the conspiracy makes sense Suspending disbelief is easy when the writer leaves much of the details to your imagination, but Howey can t do that he has to explain every little thing and eventually it falls apart view spoiler For instance, why was destroying the world the best and only solution I mean it seems like these bril...

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    UPDATED PARANOID RANT NEAR THE END WITH SLIGHT SPOILER The second volume of Howey s Solo trilogy takes us back to the origin of the silos and introduces a few good guys Donald in particular a few bad guys Thurman although we are not sure until Dust exactly how evil he is and some ambiguous characters Anna well, you ll need to read Dust to see how this turns out It is an interesting idea with the nanobots and the Noah s Arc concept The suspense is done quite well with time shifting back and forth as the reality of the project slowly dawns on Donald Honestly, I wanted to slap him a few times for his naivet For my reservations regarding the larger story line, you ll need to read my review of Dust As for this story, it is carried primarily on the suspense that Howey builds throughout rather than character development which I felt was rather flat Still, it is an interesting follow up to Wool which I enjoyed peripherally and I was still intrigued enough to follow through with Dust view spoiler A quick followup to say that I did a little research and the idea of nanobots being used against the human body rather than for it may be a far realistic scenario than I previously thought Reading this article from 2015 about using AI to fight disease and this one from 2009 about immortality being achieved by 2040 , I suppose that the ideas that Howey uses to u...

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    It is truly a sorry affair that most sequels just do not turn out right Well, alright, not most Some Can we settle on a lot I can start naming now, The sequel to Blood Red Road, Metro 2034 and I am sure you can carry on with this list to eternity In fact, please carry on in the comments I would really love to find out what sequel drove you mad .So basically, I think we can draw the conclusion that you pretty much have to be J.K Rowling not to mess up the sequels So am I surprised that Shift wasn t really a charming sequel to Wool No, dear friends, I am not But am I disappointed I don t really know where to begin with this book, or frankly IF I should begin at all, cause you can see I just gave it 1 star, which I pretty much never do , so you must be getting the vibe that not only did this book not satisfy me, it probably even enraged me.In fact, if that book had been a game, I would have rage quit. This book has many very unfortunate factors that made me hate it Part of it was tha...

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    My rating is 4.5By the second part of the book Silos is a little less good, but the first part of the trilogy But the story is still great, very well written and keeps us tense all the time The story leads us to the time of construction the silos and is accompanied by the main figure congressman Donald, who gets the task of the president to make drafts for silos Though he accepts a job, it does not attract him much, because he takes that job away from the family But this job will bring him something bigger than except for him in the future His whole world will only break up in the future in one day The writer leads us to a terrible future in which individuals are determined ...

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    Last night I was tempted to give this book two stars out of sheer frustration, but that wouldn t be fair Yes, it s nowhere near as good as its predecessor, the excellent _Wool_ And yes, it s not what you d call really good But I did read it straight through, and with no regrets.What Shift does well is provide context and explanations for much of the culture and history or lack thereof that we saw in Wool, and that s cool As a sort of Simarillion, this prequel book works The last few pages also nicely set up the final volume of the trilogy And, as with Wool, it s fun to track the many different ways in which the title fits the stories What Shift doesn t do well is make sense Or provide interesting, likeable characters Or have a very good plot to page count ratio Shift is three stories one short one of an early silo uprising told from the POV of a silo porter That one s quite good, and the highlight of the book One is the backstory of Solo from Wool there s nothing new here we got the picture just fine from Wool And the story s ending is so crassly manipulative, so obvious, as to be downright disgusting The whole arc didn t need to be there The third i...

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    REVIEW SUMMARY The sequel trilogy to the best seller, Wool Omnibus, which takes a leap back in time to show how the chaos started.BRIEF SYNOPSIS A silo architect finds out too late what he s been building, loses track of his wife and memories, and must uncover the secret behind the silo in order to make everything right.MY RATING 3.5 starsMY REVIEWPROS Strong beginning empathy for major characters challenging philosophical themes about war and sacrifice to survive as a human race.CONS Third Shift Book Three slowed the story way down with minor revelations and sparse action.BOTTOM LINE While the first half gave hope that this sequel could surpass Wool Omnibus, the story went downhill from there Shift is still recommended for Wool fans, and it will not kill interest in reading the concluding volume even though it did not meet expectations Spoiler Warning This review will have spoilers for people who have not read Wool, and only general spoilers for those who have yet to read Shift Reviews for First Shift Legacy and Second Shift Order can be seen ...

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    Continuing the saga of the Silo I loved Wool, I loved this book So many questions after reading Wool Why, for instance, were there no elevators This book addresses that sort of I wonder if the author received enough emails about that topic that he felt he ought to mention it in his next book Shift answers a few Woolly questions, but asks quite a few questions I think that every few pages I was going OMG This book is of a prequel to Wool but should definitely be read after Wool to prevent spoilers from ruining the story This is the story of the Silo s beginnings It starts many years before Wool, but then ends at the same time as Wool ends Shift covers the lives of several people and a few of them are familiar It plunged me right back into that world and I started once again dreaming of living in a silo every night It s not often a book gets into my dreams, but this one certainly did That must be part of the universal appeal of this book Something in this book is definitely speaking to part of my brain.Looking forward to reading Dust I m not sure where this is heading BTW it also makes for some fun conversation Last night, for instance, my husband mentioned to me if I thought there would be fewer uprisings in the Silo if they had reading material, maybe some fun magazines like S...

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