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Living in Little Rock with Miss Little RockNarrated By The Holy Ghost, This Most Unusual Novel Tells The Story Of Charles And Lianne Morrison He S A Millionaire Lawyer, Possibly, A Future Governor She S The Beautiful Ex TV Newscaster And Former Miss Little Rock What Begins As A Soap Opera And A Whodunit Becomes An Engrossing Examination Of The Human Soul In Turmoil Dallas Morning News.

From encyclopediaofarkansas.net Jack Armand Butler Jr is a poet and novelist known for structurally experimental writing, usually dealing with the development of a religious self awareness transcending orthodox views His work is often sexually charged and humorous.Jack Butler was born May 8, 1944, in Alligator, Mississippi, to Jack Butler, a Baptist preacher, and Dorothy Butler, a homemaker He

[Reading] ➺ Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock By Jack Butler – Girlnailart.us
  • Paperback
  • 672 pages
  • Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock
  • Jack Butler
  • English
  • 09 October 2017
  • 9780140237139

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    This review first ran on Pretty Fakes way back when A few days ago I finished the first of my summer reading books, Jack Butler s 1993 novel Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock I ve started this book probably half a dozen times over the last five or six years, only to put it aside when pressing concerns arose at 655 pages, you can see where I might have felt a little daunted But I kept coming back to it because I wanted to see if it delivered on the promise of its opening line Howdy, I m the Holy Ghost Talk about your omniscient narrators And I m glad to say that it mostly does Walker Percy once wrote that American novels tend to be about everything, and Little Rock is definitely an American novel in that vein This is a novel with everything, don t hold the kitchen sink, heck buy two and we ll return the one we don t like It s the sort of novel that includes full page mock ups of newspaper obituaries and letters to the editor pages including a letter from the Holy Ghost and Peanuts strips and stream of consciousness pass...

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    Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock is a brilliant, all encompassing, all engaging novel that I can t believe I ve never heard of before, since I live near Little Rock From the first few pages, all I wanted to do was read this book This imaginative, post modern novel impressed me on several levels.First, I was in love with how gossipy and detailed it is about Little Rock in the 1980s I did not live here then, and yet I still recognize a lot of the people s names, the stores, etc I loved having a peek into that world in which many of my friends grew up and lived.Second, I thought Butler was really able to depict the complexity of a marriage with great heart and depth He has a lot of compassion for his characters, and it was fascinating to look at their relationship through his skilled prose The book is very episodic, though it does build to a tragic climax, and in many ways, the marriage of Charles and Lianne Morrison of Little Rock, is the real protagonist of the novel Finally, in telling the story of all the c...

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    I read Barry Hannah s Yonder Stands Your Orphan just before I read this, and it quickly became apparent to me that this novel was basically Hannah s muse for YSYO, which is kind of awesome Both novels start out with a somewhat straightforward narrative this one as a legal drama, YSYO as crime fiction but they quickly evolve into total insanity Living in Little Rock remin...

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    As a sheer exercise in prose, this tastefully decadent portrait of rather privileged life in the American south is not only pleasant to read, but deeply engaging Between the characters arguing, sexing, and generally enjoying their lives, they have real problems, and deep flaw...

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    I don t know what got me on to this book originally It was a long time ago I couldn t even recount the plot for you But I remember sitting out in my friends backyard, where I happened to be housesitting, and just soaking this one up Probably means it would be a good summer re...

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    I don t do well with writing gimmicks Dialect, too many narrators, winking omnipotent Holy Ghosts breaking the fourth wall, clever formatting, etc I think this book was written to annoy me Every time I d start getting into the story, or enjoying some character development, I d hit a chapter full of gimmick...

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    This book was a huge shock because I in no way expected it to touch me in the way it did I was expecting a throwaway political comedy with a lot of insider jokes about Arkansas politics and got a moving tragicomedy instead I can t recommend this enough.

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    Terrific in than one sense of the word

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    Dense, complex, and fascinating, with a fabulous first person narrator none other than the Holy Ghost.

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    How can you not like a book that begins Howdy I m the Holy Ghost Talk about your omniscient narrators.

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